April 26, 2018  
BOCA vs HUD - What is the difference?

Birchwood Homes sells both BOCA (Modular) Code and HUD (Sectional) Code housing.

Here are the basic differences......

Modular Home: A factory built house that is certified to meet or exceed state and local building codes and is built to the specifications put fourth by the Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA). Modular homes do not have titles and tax is paid by the manufacturer and added to the selling price of the home.
Manufactured Home: A factory built house built to meet or exceed the National Housing and Urban Development code that came into effect June 15 1976. HUD code homes are titled and sales tax must be added to the selling price of the home. HUD code homes are generally less expensive than BOCA code homes because HUD homes are built with an integrated floor system so carriers need not be shipped back to the factory.

Carrier frames are returned to factory

2” X 8”, 2” X 10” or "silent truss" floor joists aretransported on carriers that are returned to the factory

2" X 4" interior walls

OSB tongue and groove floor decking

Attic access with pull chain light

5/12 roof pitch standard (7, 9 & 12/12 optional)

Floor insulation is optional

200 AMP electric service standard

Receptacle boxes nailed to studs

Plumbing lines stubbed through floor

Water shut-offs on all fixtures

Water heater usually not included

Furnace usually not included

Cold air returns ducted to furnace

½” drywall throughout

3” plumbing vents 12” from roof

Kitchen Kompact brand cabinets are standard, Quality brand maple cabinets are optional

Low E Kimrow vinyl windows are standard, Pella windows are optional

Appliances typically optional

Window treatments typically optional

State modular seal means house must be located on private property where it is assessed as real property and taxed accordingly
Steel I beams remain as permanent part of floor system

2” X 6” or 2” X 8” floor joists are secured on permanent Steel I beams

2" X 3" interior walls except center wall which is 2" X 6"

Nova floor decking

No attic access

3/12 roof pitch standard (4/12 & 5/12 optional)

R-11 to R-19 floor insulation is standard

100 AMP electric service (200 AMP optional)

Receptacle boxes often clipped to drywall

Plumbing lines usually have one connection

Water shut-offs usually optional

Water heater always included on main floor

Furnace always included on main floor

Cold air returned to furnace through house

Finished panel standard, ½” drywall optional

1 ½” plumbing vent pipes

Oak cabinets built in the factory are standard

Low E Kimrow vinyl windows are standard

Appliances always included

Window treatments included

HUD seal allows placement on private property or in a manufactured home community where a site fee is paid in lieu of property taxes

Boca or Modular, you can see them all at the BirchwoodHomes model center, conveniently located at:

4269 Dove Street (1/2 mile east of I-94)
Port Huron, Michigan 48060 810-364-7799

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